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Basic Taekwondo Moves: Part 3

Welcome to the final installment of the basic Taekwondo moves! If you have tuned in from the beginning, you will know that the art of Taekwondo has many moves that all stem from a small handful of fundamental moves. The final installment of this blog will take you through those last rudimentary moves. Each one has a specific purpose and mastery of these pivotal moves allows students of the art to move on to more advanced techniques. After reading through (and practicing) these moves, you will have an understanding of the basics of Taekwondo

Fundamental Taekwondo Moves Continued

Hand blade block (Sonnal Makki)

The hand blade block is a fantastic block because it acts as a block with a set up for an immediate follow-up attack. To execute the hand blade block, start with most of you weight shifted back onto one leg. Then in one swift movement, bring both open hand from the side as you shift your weight. When bringing your hands forward, make sure your blocking hand is above and stretched out farther (at about shoulder height) your other hand will come down below that close to your mid torso, ready to attack.

Face block (Olgul Makki)

The Face block again deal with a shift in weight from your back leg. The shift help you explode with power so your block can not only protect you, but knock your opponent off balance. To perform the face block, shift your weight off your hind leg and bring your bent arm straight up for body and in front of your face. Your forearm should be parallel with the ground to provide you with a larger blocking area.

Hand blade neck strike (Sonnal Mok Chigi)

The hand blade neck strike is executed almost identically to a hand blade outward strike. Only this time instead of striking out to the side, you bring your hand forward and chop the neck of your opponent.

Turning round kick (Dollyo Chagi)

This kick is performed much like the side kick, but with less upward extension of the leg. In order to perform the turning round kick, bring your back leg forward and rotate at the ball of your foot. Your leg will end up swinging out to the side and you will extend your leg parallel to the ground. This kick is effective for torso attacks.

Trunk right side punch (Momtong Baro-Jireugi)

The final move is the trunk right side punch. To perform this move, it is basically the reverse of a middle punch. To execute this move, you are going to step forward with one foot while you punch with the OPPOSITE hand. This punch allows you to access more power from the momentum and your hips to produce a hard punch.

You have reached the end of the basics – congratulations! Hopefully you have learned something and have come to appreciate the art of Taekwondo.