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Basic Taekwondo Moves: Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of the basic Taekwondo moves! If you have tuned in from the beginning, you will know that the art of Taekwondo has many moves that all stem from a small handful of fundamental moves. The next 2 installments of this blog will take you through those rudimentary moves. Each one has a specific purpose and mastery of these pivotal moves allows students of the art to move on to more advanced techniques.

Fundamental Taekwondo Moves Continued

Hand blade outward strike (Sannal Bakkat-Chigi)

The hand blade outward strike is much like the stereotypical “karate chop.” The reason it is displayed in movies so much is due to the fact that it can be an extremely effective move if delivered properly.

To perform the hand blade outward strike, start in the basic ready position. Bring your hands up and parallel with your chest. Then, take a side step at the same time as your hand open up and chops the air in front of you. Additionally, like all the attack moves thus far, bring your opposite fist into your body to aid in the overall movement.

Back fist strike (Deungjumeok Chigi)

The back fist strike is another move that is pretty famous in martial arts movies. It is easy to execute, quick, and effective. What more could you ask for? To perform this move, step forward, bring you arm up (bent at the elbow, knuckles facing out), and then extend your arm at the elbow to hit your target.

Middle block (Momtong Makki)

The Middle block is essentially a low block, but instead of your arm facing down to block the lower half of your body, it will protect your torso. To execute this move, step forward and bring your arm forward like you are going to do an uppercut. Stop the motion out in front of you just under chin level. Brace for the impact your arm is going to take.

Side kick (Yop Chagi)

The side kick can be a difficult one to learn, but with practice, it can become extremely effective. To perform a sick kick, start in a similar starting stance as the front kick. With you weigh back onto your kicking foot. Bring your foot forward and, at the same time, pivot on the ball of your foot. Then when you are sideways, bend at the hip. Doing so elevates your foot for a high landing, forceful kick.

Stay tuned for more basic Taekwondo moves!