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Most Influential Coaches in Sports History

John Madden

Raiders head coach, John Madden is not only known for being the face of the Madden video game franchise. He was the youngest coach to ever reach 100 wins. He finished his coaching career with a 103–32–7. Madden also led his team to a 1977 Super Bowl win.

Alex Ferguson

Ferguson is Manchester United’s manager and is also the longest-tenured manager out of the current set of managers. Ferguson hold closely thirty domestic and international titles. He’s also racked up 1,217 wins with only 402 losses.

Scotty Bowman

This man is a monster. He’s won nine Stanley Cups across three different teams. This makes him the only head coach in the entire history of, not only the NHL, but also the NFL, MLB, and NBA. He holds an astounding 1,248 to 575 record in regular season games and a just as impressive 223 to 130 games in the playoffs.

Red Auerbach

As head coach, and then GM, of the Celtics, he won a combined 16 NBA championships. Even more importantly than that, in 1950, he drafted the first African-American player, Chuck Cooper. Auerbach changed the fundamentals of the game and focused a lot of time on defense and overall team cohesiveness.

Vince Lombardi

This list wouldn’t be complete without the mad who the Super Bowl trophies is named after. Lombardi coached the Packers for 7 years, in which he brought home three consecutive league championships (five overall). If that’s not enough, he lead the Packers on to win the first AND second Super Bowl.

Bobby Cox

Braves’ manager, Bobby Cox lead his team to win the division title every single year from 1991 to 2005. He took home a World Series Championship ring in 1995 and he also holds the record for the most ejections of all time at 158. Cox also won manager of the year 4 times and is the only person to win it back to back.