Taekwondo | Coaching | Father

Chad Smith, a principal, high school educator, and a proud father of two, is a taekwando black belt and an all-around sports enthusiast. For years he balanced his career between teaching science and coaching basketball, track, and football in three high schools in California. Now Chad enjoys doing taekwando with his eight-year-old son and eleven-year-old daughter on a regular basis.

Chad’s first coaching position was at Fullerton High School in Orange County, where he coached varsity track and freshman football in addition to teaching earth science and oceanography for grades 9-12. He then joined the faculty at his Alma Mater, Tustin High School, where he taught earth science and coached freshman football and freshman girls’ basketball. Chad also served as ASB (Associated Student Body) Advisor and oversaw all school activities, including athletic events.

Once Principal Chad Smith tried out taekwando, he knew he wanted to devote himself to the martial art. The benefits went far beyond just burning calories. For Chad, it was a way to connect with his kids and have some common ground at any phase of their lives. Taekwando also offered a better way of thinking and living in general. Similar to any sport, it offered the chance to take a temporary escape from life’s day-to-day pressures and focus on something completely different. However, taekwando also gave people confidence, discipline, and the ability to stay in control.

Chad and his children regularly go to “rumbles” (sparring tournaments) and continue to stay active and take on new physical challenges whenever they can. Chad also coaches his kids in soccer and baseball.

Outside of taekwando, Chad Smith, a principal, loves scuba diving and is a certified Divemaster (DM). He also enjoys snow skiing, a sport which he first tried out during his time as an Urban and Regional Planning major at the University of Utah. He and his wife of 16 years enjoy traveling and exploring new places with their children.